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Some things are changing for the better...

Many people know us as an instrument manufacturer: we make more than 2,000 products for measurement, test and analysis. Others know us as a computer company: more than 10,000 own our programmable calculators and computers. We prefer to think that our business is to serve measurement, analysis and computation needs. . . in science, industry, medicine and education. This is the rationale behind every new instrument, computer or system that we tell you about in these ads. This month:

For picky people with particular problems: A design-your-own calculator

A user in virtually any discipline now can customize a powerful new programmable calculator to his specific computational needs.

An agronomist, for example, may want to examine the characteristics of a large plant population and determine the mean, standard deviation and standard error of their distribution. With the Model 10, he simply enters the raw data and hits a single key for the complete statistical analysis. A chromatographer can obtain per cent concentration and relative retention time of each component on his chromatogram . . . at a single keystroke. A physicist completes a sequence of acceleration, velocity, force and work . . . and a clinical pathologist computes a full blood gas analysis . . . at a single keystroke. Et cetera.

This is possible because the new Model 10 calculator has interchangeable function blocks which can define its keyboard to meet varying needs. One standard plug-in block emphasizes powerful statistical computations, another gives higher mathematics capability, and the third is completely user-definable. This block provides single keystroke solutions to multiple-step calculations commonly encountered by the user. Once programmed each key performs its customized function whenever he strikes it.

For more on tailoring the $2,975 Model 10 to your particular profession (full alphanumeric printing capability, expandable memory, a wide line of peripherals, etc.) write for our brochure.

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