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This Hewlett-Packard advertisement, originally published in Scientific American, is used by permission. If errors crept in during the scanning process, please contact Dave Hicks

The New Emancipator


Freedom from waiting to get on the BIG computer;

Freedom from translating your problems into foreign computer languages;

Freedom from starvation-level computing with under-developed calculators;

Freedom from the drudgery of manual computation.

The new hp 9100A puts heroic computing power responsively at your fingertips. . . for the unheroic, one-time-cost of $4900. Fast core memory delivers answers to log, trig and other keystroke functions in milliseconds. And . . . in seconds you get answers to more complex computations such as roots of a fifth degree polynomial. . . Fourier analysis. . . elliptic integrals. . . Fresnel integrals. . . real and complex polynomial evaluation. . . coordinate geometry. . . regression analysis. . . three dimensional vectors. . . numerical integration and many, many, more!

This major computing capability is compressed into one 40 pound package. Its only moving parts are the keys, the switches and one decimal wheel. No noise!

The 9100A is being delivered now along with an extensive-and growing-program library that puts you in control.

Examine the keyboard. Question every key and switch. Then join the participators! A telephone call or purchase order directed to any Hewlett-Packard sales and service office (located in principal cities throughout the world) will start your liberation from the tyranny and tradition of too BIG, too slow and too weak.

If you are still skeptical or of faint heart, ask for a demonstration. It will affirm, assure and delay - but only slightly - your entry into the solid-state of personal computing freedom. Hurry. Being a leader has its advantages. Hewlett-Packard, P.O. Box 301, Loveland, Colorado 80537. Europe: 54 Route des Acacias, Geneva.

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