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This Hewlett-Packard advertisement, originally published in Scientific American, is used by permission. If errors crept in during the scanning process, please contact Dave Hicks

Some things are changing for the better.

Turn your desk calculator into an on-line data handling system

Let's assume that you now perform scientific and engineering computations on the HP 9100 Calculator, entering data off-line on its keyboard.

But now you'd like to get the answers automatically, on-line, by letting your data-gathering instruments communicate directly with your data processing system. You might think the time has come for a large investment in a computer.

Not so. With the new HP 2570 Coupler/Controller, you can now tie many of your HP measuring instruments (more than 40 models including voltmeters, counters, GC integrators, quartz thermometers) to the 9100 and get reduced data directly. By simple cable connections.

You can even tie a teletype to the 2570 and get complete reports of your experiment, formatted as you like them and prepared automatically during the experiment, on a typewritten sheet or punched paper tape. Or on the calculator X-Y Plotter.

We'd be happy to send you a 24-page Bulletin that explains how the 2570 can expand the capabilities of your 9100 for on-line data handling and even for automatic test systems. Write for "Calculator- Based Instrumentation Systems." Price of the Coupler is only $1625. Interfaces cost $450-$1500 per device.

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