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100 reasons to invest $395* in the time and money machine:

To obtain the mean and standard deviation of a series of numbers, for example, you simply key in the individual numbers, press the Σ+ key after each entry, then the mean key to display the mean, and the x⇔y key to display the standard deviation. Because the HP-80 has the formula for calculating the standard deviation built into its logic circuitry, it automatically performs all the averaging, subtraction, addition, squaring and square root extraction required by the formula.

The HP-80 Business Calculator.

The 9-ounce HP-80 has 40 specific capabilities built into its internal circuitry, which combine to perform more than 100 different financial calculations involving a relationship between time and money. All necessary programs, including a 200-year calendar, are built into the HP-80's solid-state memory.

It used to require up to 20 minutes to solve such time and money problems as bond calculations, figuring compound interest, loan repayments, depreciation amortization, investment analysis, sinking fund and statistics. To make matters worse, they required constant reference to cumbersome tables. You'll notice this is all in the past tense.

With the advent of the new HP-80, the financial counterpart of the pocket-sized HP-35, these problems can be solved literally in seconds, and without reference to any tables.

You just enter the data, push a few keys, and read the answer -- accurate to within the last penny on a million-dollar transaction.

Since it can perform most financial calculations in about 10 seconds, a user can save up to 20 minutes on a single problem. The price is $395 (* U.S. only, plus tax).

If you're in business, you can't afford to be without it. Ask for full information.

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