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This Hewlett-Packard advertisement, originally published in Scientific American, is used by permission. If errors crept in during the scanning process, please contact Dave Hicks

The new HP-27 Scientific/Plus is the HP Professional for most reasons, including math, statistics, and finance.

The new HP-27 Scientific/Plus is the HP Professional for most reasons, including math, statistics, and finance. For the scientist or engineer whose responsibilities include targeting, budgets, statistical analysis, or other financial or forecasting concerns, the HP-27 is uncommonly effective as a total, professional calculating system. This is because of its range of preprogrammed functions and some nifty features such as--

Ten addressable memories, in which you can perform register arithmetic and store constants and intermediate answers, let you make complex calculations with ease and confidence.

Selective memory clearing operations allow you to preserve useful data while opening up other registers for new calculations.

HP's special logic system with four-register stack almost completely eliminates the need to re-enter data, and lets you see all intermediate data and evaluate problems without worrying about parentheses or hierarchies.

You have a choice of display modes: fixed decimal, scientific notation, or engineering notation (values with exponents that are multiples of three).

For mathematical calculations, the HP-27 solves the most-used exponential, log, and trig functions-including sines, cosines, tangents and their inverses in three angular modes; natural and common logs and antilogs; coordinate and angle conversions; pi, exponents, and reciprocals.

For statistical calculations, the HP-27 lets you analyze data, allocate resources, forecast costs, and solve the problems most often encountered in science and business-including normal distribution, correlation coefficient and variance; two-variable mean and standard deviation; linear regression, linear estimate, and factorials.

For financial calculations, the numbers that you'd otherwise have to search for in bulky books and tables-and their manipulations-are built into the HP-27's circuitry. These time-value-of-money calculations include internal rate of return for different cash flows; discounted cash flow; compound interest; and annuities.

Price is $ 200* for the calculator with battery pack, recharger/AC adapter, case, and 216-page owner's handbook with 99 pages of applications in math, statistics, navigation, surveying, and finance.

Along with the other HP Professional hand-held and portable printing calculators, the HP-27 is available at selected department stores and college bookstores. Call 800-538-7922 in the U.S.A. (in California, 800-662-9862) for detailed information and the name of the HP retailer nearest you.

*Domestic USA prices only.

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