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This Hewlett-Packard advertisement, originally published in Scientific American, is used by permission. If errors crept in during the scanning process, please contact Dave Hicks

The HP programmables; or how to make a one-time investment in a machine you won't outgrow.

Users of preprogrammed hand-helds who seek to extend their problem-solving skills can find themselves stalled by their machines' built-in limitations. For users whose needs are evolving, the practical entry-level choice for personal data processing may well be the programmable machine.

Until about four and a half years ago, the slide rule was the personal number processor "of choice"-- by necessity. Then, in 1972, Hewlett-Packard introduced an alternative: the first of a series of preprogrammed. hand-held calculators that virtually revolutionized numerical data processing.

Since then, we have pioneered another alternative: hand-held programmable machines that expand their utility beyond the power resident in the key functions, and thus offer the capacity to deal realistically with a user's evolving needs:

A few words about machine "language."

All our hand-held and portable programmables incorporate HP's special RPN logic system. It's simple, direct, and trustworthy. You can work involved equations in the order you find natural, without having to enter or keep track of parentheses and brackets. And you get answers you can trust! Programs using HP's logic system are generally shorter than those using the logic systems of most other machines, making the most efficient use of program memory space. This, plus fully merged keystrokes, makes each programming step a stride, not a hobble.

And added value.

If you are a professional, or aspire to be one, there's a programmable with the range of power and features you need. Plus the engineering quality that assures reliable performance. Plus worldwide service. Plus manuals and aids to make programming a snap. If the notion of having a personal computer in your pocket or briefcase seems attractive, the next step is up to you.

*Domestic USA prices only.

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