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This Hewlett-Packard advertisement, originally published in Scientific American, is used by permission. If errors crept in during the scanning process, please contact Dave Hicks

Two more members join HP's family of small miracles.

The secret of all HP's small miracles is in the keys, and the array of special functions they perform. (Just take a moment to examine the keyboards in the photograph.)

But there is one key common to all. It says ENTER and is both literal and figurative. Literal in that you use it to enter data to be computed. Figurative in that it opens the door to answers you can trust: simply, directly, conveniently.

Like the rest of the family, these two new handheld calculators feature HP's advanced design, 4-register stack, and special logic system. The small miracle is that each leads its class in power, weighs a mere 6 ounces, and costs less than $200.

HP-25 Scientific Programmable Calculator. $195 *.

Preprogrammed to solve 72 scientific, engineering, and mathematical functions with keystroke ease, the HP-25 has the power you need to solve technical problems.

But that's just the beginning. Its comprehensive keystroke programming capability lets you solve repetitive and iterative problems-even some complicated ones that force you to wait in line for computer time at your desk, in minutes or even seconds. The HP-25's programming power includes a 49-step memory; direct and conditional branching using as many as 8 relational tests; integer/fraction truncation and absolute value keys; and a full editing capability that lets you see what your program looks like, step by step, and lets you look at intermediate results by means of controlled pauses in the program.

The new HP-25 also has 8 addressable memories, each capable of register arithmetic. And it's the first hand-held to offer not only fixed and scientific but also engineering notation (i.e., exponent displayed as a multiple of +/-3, as in giga and nano).

HP-22 Business Management Calculator. $165*.

Combining the preprogrammed power of three present-day calculators, this new model solves virtually every number problem that a business manager faces. Its easy-to-use keyboard includes:

Both hand-helds come complete with battery pack and recharger, soft vinyl carrying pouch, and comprehensive owner's handbook. In addition, the HP-25 includes a 162-page book of applications programs concerning mathematics, statistics, finance, surveying, navigation, and games. See the HP family of professional hand-helds at quality department stores or campus bookstores. Call 800-538-7922 (in California, 800-662-9862) for the name of the retailer nearest you.

*Domestic USA prices only.

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