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Since Version 4.00

The following documents were added between Version 4.00 (7 CDs or 1 single-layer DVD) and version 5.00 (10 CDs or 1 dual-layer DVD).


Calculator Manuals
Non-English Manuals (French, German, Spanish, etc.)
Options and Peripherals
Quick Reference Guides
Calculator ROM Manuals
Calculator Software Manuals
Service Manuals, Internals & Misc.
Books (not published by HP)
HP Journal Articles
EduCALC Catalogs
Advertisements & Brochures
Forum Archives

Calculator Manuals

HP-6S Owner's Manual
HP-10B Owner's Manual
HP-17BII Owner's Manual (Also for HP-17B
HP-19BII Owner's Manual (Also for HP-19B
HP-20S Owner's Manual
HP-21S Owner's Manual
HP-28C Calculus (1st Edition)
HP-28C/28S Algebra and College Math
HP-28S Mathematical Applications
HP-32SII Owner's Manual
HP-35 Surveying
HP-38G User's Guide
HP-39G/40G User's Guide
HP-42S Introducing Menus: Functions a'la carte (single page introduction)
HP-42S Mechanical Engineering
HP-49G Advanced Topics Chapter 00: Preface
HP-49G Advanced Topics Chapter 01: Operations
HP-49G Advanced Topics Chapter 02: Flags
HP-49G Advanced Topics Chapter 03: Command Line Operations/Editing
HP-49G Advanced Topics Chapter 04: Stack
HP-49G Advanced Topics Chapter 05: Matrix and Linear Algebra
HP-49G Advanced Topics Chapter 06: Units
HP-49G Advanced Topics Chapter 07: Constants
HP-49G Advanced Topics Chapter 08: Number Bases/Binary
HP-49G Advanced Topics Chapter 09: Lists and Sequences
HP-49G Advanced Topics Chapter 10: Plotting
HP-49G Advanced Topics Chapter 11: Memory
HP-49G Advanced Topics Chapter 12: Date and Time Arithmetic
HP-49G Advanced Topics Chapter 13: Customization
HP-49G Commands Part A: Computer Algebra Commands
HP-49G Commands Part B: Other Commands A to F
HP-49G Commands Part C: Other Commands G to P
HP-49G Commands Part D: Other Commands Q to S
HP-49G Commands Part E: Other Commands T to Z (And Symbols)
HP-49G User's Guide
HP-80 Application Note December, 10 1973, Logs, anti logs and roots
HP-80 Application Note March 28 1974, Linear Regression
HP-92 Investor Applications
HP 110 Getting Started with the Portable Plus
HP 110 Portable Plus Drawer Installation
HP 110 Portable Plus Software Module Installation
HP 110 Using the Portable Plus
HP 9815A Operating and Programming (CD 2 has the HP 9815A/S Version)
HP 9825 System Test Booklet
Series 80 Bug List

Non-English Manuals (French, German, Spanish, etc.)

HP-11C Bedienungs-und programmierhandbuch (German Manual, Original 1981)
HP-11C Bedienungs-und programmierhandbuch (German Manual, Rev B 1983)
HP-20S Benutzerhandbuch (German Manual)
HP-21S Benutzerhandbuch (German Manual)
HP-25 Bedienungshandbuch (German Manual Color)
HP-25C German Programming Form
HP-25C Programmsammlung (German Applications Programs)
HP-31E Manual Do Proprietario (Portuguese Manual)
HP-35 Manual Preliminar de Funcionamiento (Spanish Manual)
HP-41C Guia de Consulta Rapida da (Portuguese QRG)
HP-41C Guida Rapida HP-41C (Italian QRG)
HP-41C/CV Guida Operativa Manuale per l'utente esperto (Italian manual for advanced users)
HP-41C/CV Handbuch fur den fortgeschrittenen Anwender (German manual for advanced users)
HP-41C/CV Manuel D'Utilisation Et Guide De Programmation (French Manual)
HP-41C/CV Mathematik-Paket (German Math Pac)
HP-41CV Aide memoire (French Quick reference guide)
HP-41CX Benutzerhandbuch Band II (German Manual V2)
HP-41CX Benutzerhandbuch Band I (German Manual V1)
HP-55 Guia de Referencia Rapda (Spanish QRG)
HP-65 Manual de instrucciones (Spanish Manual)
HP-67 Guide Resume (French QRG)
HP-67 Kurzanleitung (German QRG)
HP-67/HP-97 Statistik-Paket (German Stat Pac)
HP-80 Guia de Consulta Rapida (Spanish QRG)
HP-97 Bedienungs-Handbuch (German Manual)
HP-97 Standard Paket (German Standard Pac)
HP-97S Installations und Bedienungs-Handbuch (German Manual)
HP 82104A Leitora De Cartoes (Portuguese Card Reader QRG)
HP 82104A Leitora De Cartoes (Portuguese Card Reader Manual)
HP 82104A Magnetkartenleser Bedienungshandbuch (German Manual)
HP 82104A Magnetkartenleser Kurzanleitung (German Quick Reference)
HP 82143A Imprimante Carte-aide-memoire (French QRG)
HP 82143A Imprimante Manuel d'utilisation (French Manual)
HP 82143A Thermodrucker Bedienungshandbuch (German Manual)
HP 82153A Bar Code-Leser Bedienungs-Handbuch (German Manual)
HP 82180A Erweitertes Funktions/Speicher Modul Benutzerhandbuch (German Manual)
HP 82182A Time Modul Benutzerhandbuch (German Manual)
HP 82485AF HP-71 Editeur de texte Manuel d'utilization (French Manual)
HP 9100B Bedienung und Programmierung (German Programming Manual)

Options and Peripherals

HP 82106A Memory Module for HP-41C
HP 82240A Infrared Printer manual
HP 82240B Infrared Printer manual
HP 82939A Series 80 Serial Interface Owner's Manual (color)
HP 82983A Modem (for HP 110) Owner's Manual
HP 9114 Using Your Disc Drive (32 page Supplement, see CD 3 for HP 9114 Manual)
HP 9825 HP-IB Programming Hints for Selected Instruments
HP 98628A / HP 98691A Datacom Interface Installation
HP-71 to HP 3000 and HP 1000 File Transfers Application Note
Beginner's Guide for 5328A Universal Counter with 9825A Controller
Calculator control of the 8660A/B/C Synthesized Signal Generator
Interfacing Concepts (Primarily for HP 9825 & HP 98032, 98033, 98034, 98036)
Series 80 HP-IB Installation and Theory of Operation Manual (doc# HP 82937A)

Quick Reference Guides

HP-41C Financial Decisions Pac QRG
HP-41C Home Management Pac QRG
HP-41C Securities Pac I QRG
HP-49G Pocket Guide
HP-75 Text Formatter QRG
HP-85 Pocket Guide
HP 9815 QRG
HP 9825 Error Messages Booklet
HP 9825 QRG

Calculator ROM Manuals

HP-41 MLDL-ROM Manual
HP-75 I/O Rom Programming Techniques Manual
HP-75 Math Pac Owner's Manual
HP-75 Series 70 Text Formatter Owner's Manual (HP00075-90137)
HP-83/85 Mass Storage ROM Manual (Nov 80)
HP-83/85 Printer/Plotter ROM Owner's Manual
HP 82485A HP-71 Text Editor Owner's Manual
HP 82713A HP-75 Plug-In Module Simulator Owner's Manual
HP 9810 Statistic Block Manual
HP-87 Assembler ROM and HP 82928A System Monitor Manual
HP 82211A HP Solve Equation Library Application Card Owner's Manual (for HP-48SX)
HP 82211B HP Solve Equation Library Application Card Manual Update (for HP-48SX)

Calculator Software Manuals

HP-28C Programming Examples
HP-33E Surveying Applications
HP-37E, HP-38E/38C Marketing and Forecasting
HP-41 Calendars (User's Library Solutions)
HP-41 Cement Plug Balancing and Injection Rate Calculations
HP-41 Fluid Dynamics (User's Library Solutions)
HP-41C Chess 5x5 (Individual UL program)
HP-41C Cooling Loading Calculations (Individual UL program)
HP-41C Cyclone Efficiency (Individual UL program)
HP-41C Gear Frequencies (Individual UL program)
HP-41C High Resolution Plotter (Individual UL program)
HP-41C Lunar Day Converter/Astrophotography Exposure Guide (Individual UL program)
HP-41C Messier Object Search (Individual UL program)
HP-41C Precession of Right Accession and Declination (Individual UL program)
HP-41C SDS-II Software Development System for MS-DOS
HP-41C Satellites of Jupiter (Individual UL program)
HP-41C Star Identification (Individual UL program)
HP-41C Tic Tack Toe (Individual UL program)
HP-41C Treasure Quest (Individual UL program)
HP-41C User's Program Library Europe
HP-41C Wars (Individual UL program)
HP-41C Water Surface profiles
HP-41C Wompus (Individual UL program)
HP-55 Programming Pad
HP-67 Standard Pac
HP-67 Taxes (User's Library Solutions)
HP-71 Math (User's Library Solutions)
HP-71 Software Developer's Handbook
HP-71 Utilities (User's Library Solutions)
HP-83/85 Assembly Language I/O Reference Manual
HP-97 Programming Pad
HP 110 Series 100 Basic
HP 110 Using Memo Maker
HP 110 Using Time Management
HP 82478A HP-71 Debugger Owner's Manual
HP 9100A Program Library (667 page catalog)
HP 9815 General Utilities and Test Routines
HP 9815A/S Program Form

Service Manuals, Internals & Misc.

HP-41 Time Module VASM Listing (156 pages)
HP-41C CPU, Display Driver, HP-IL, Data Storage, Timer IC, and Interface IC Specifications (153 pages)
HP-46 and 81 Service Manual (23 page manual)
HP-86B Assembly Level Service Manual (138 pages)
HP 9810 Schematics (somewhat poor reproduction, may be incomplete, 16 pages)
HP 9810/9820 Service Manual (120 pages)
HP 9825B Service manual (100 pages)

Books (not published by HP)

At the time this is written, original paper copies of "Extend Your HP-41C"are available from Wlodek Mier-Jedrzejowicz. You may contact him at: or Paper copies of "HP-28S Software Power Tools" are currently available from Grapevine. You may contact them at:

An Easy Course In Programming The HP-11C and HP-15C
An Easy Course In Programming The HP-41C
HP-28 Insights Principles and Programming of the HP-28C/S
HP-41 Geometrics Solutions
HP-41 Surveying Field Solutions
HP-41/48 Transitions
HP-42S Surveying Solutions
HP-42S Topography
HP-42S Triangle solutions
HP-48 Insights Part I - Principles and Programming (Original Edition)
HP-48 Insights Part II - Problem Solving Resources (Original Edition)
HP-48 Insights Part I (48G/GX Edition)
Synthetic Programming on the HP-41C
Reservoir Engineering Manual

HP Journal Articles

HP-71B: July 1984

EduCALC Catalogs

EduCALC Volume 27: 1985
EduCALC Volume 45: 1989
EduCALC Volume 52: 1991
EduCALC Volume 52S: 1991
EduCALC Volume 53: 1991
EduCALC Volume 54: 1991
EduCALC Volume 58: 1993
        EduCALC Volume 60: 1993
EduCALC Volume 61: 1993
EduCALC Volume 62: 1994
EduCALC Volume 63: 1994
EduCALC Volume 65: 1994
EduCALC Volume 69: 1995

Advertisements & Brochures

Effectively Presenting the HP-01: A Marketing Guide
HP-10 Alle voordelen van een tafelrekenmachine... Dutch Brochure
HP-10 Has all the features of a desktop... Brochure
HP-19C/29C Erster wissenschaftlicher programmierbarer... German Brochure
HP-25C Retains Your Programs and Saves Your Data Brochure
HP-27 Gives You Every Scientific Function We've Ever Offered... Brochure
HP-27 Voor wetenschappelijke statistische... Dutch Brochure
HP-28C and 41C Put Full Computational Tools to Work for You Brochure
HP-35 Computerized Sliderule Brochure
HP-41C A calculator. A System. A Standard for Professionals. 1981 Brochure
HP-41C A calculator. A System. A Standard for Professionals. 1982 Brochure
HP-41C Alfanumerica Uma Calculadora. Uma Systema... Portuguese Brochure
HP-41C Das erste flexible... German System Brochure
HP-41C German Printer, Card Reader, Module Brochure
HP-41C Software Logiciel. German Software Brochure
HP-55 New - A Faster, Easier Way To Solve Complex, Repetitive Problems Brochure.
HP-65 Apresenta Um Avnaco Quantico Na Technogia... Portuguese Brochure
HP-65 Hewlett-Packard Presents A Quantum Leap In Calculator Technology Brochure
HP-65 Pre-recorded Program Cards Change Your Personal Computer... Brochure
HP-65 These People Are Using The Smallest Computer Ever Made Brochure
HP-67 Por donde empezar? Spanish Brochure
HP-67/97 Comprehensive Software Support Brochure
HP-67/97 De Nieuwe Volledig Programmeerbare... Dutch Brochure
HP-71 Instrument Control Systems Brochure
HP-71B A Guide to Selling and Demonstrating the HP-71B
HP-71B Announcing... The HP-71 User's Library Brochure.
HP-71B Price List
HP-71B Software and Accessories Brochure
HP-80 The most revolutionary financial device of our time Brochure
HP-83/85 Brochure
HP-85 Mass Storage Rom Brochure
HP-85 Matrix Rom Brochure
HP-85 Open A New World Of Personal Computation Brochure
HP-85 Printer/Plotter ROM Brochure
HP-85A Specifications Brochure
HP-91 First battery-operated scientific that... Brochure
HP-9100 Classroom Calculating System Brochure
HP-92 Investor. It places Financial Alternatives at your fingertips Brochure
HP-97/67 The most powerful calculators ever made by Hewlett-Packard Brochure
HP 3468A Low-cost Bench Automation Brochure
HP 9815: A Four Dimensional Machine Brochure
HP 9820 Meet the Conversational Calculator Brochure
HP 9825 Computing Performance Brochure (12 page version)
HP 9825 Computing Performance Brochure (16 page version)
Enter the HP World of Professional Computation Brochure
General HP Brochure 1982 (Tenth Anniversary of the HP-35)
HP Calculators Brochure April 1978
HP Handheld Products Accessories Guide 1996
HP Spring Added Value Days Brochure
HP-71/HP Touchscreen and HP-71/HP 2392A Terminal Development Station Demo
HP-91 Printing Scientific Calculator from HP Brochure
HP 98xx Peripherals Brochure - Extend Your Computer Capabilities
Hewlett Packard Pocket Calculator Buyer's Guide Fall 1975 Brochure
Hewlett-Packard Presents Engineering Works Of Art Brochure
Series 10 Professional Calculators Brochure
Series 70 Personal Computers Brochure
Series 80 Personal Computers Brochure
Series 80 Personal Computers Configuration Guide Brochure
Series 80 Retail Price List Brochure
Take an unhurried look at the uncompromising calculators... Brochure
You and Hewlett Packard Brochure

Forum Archives

HP Forum Archive 1 (PDF)
HP Forum Archive 2 (PDF)
HP Forum Archive 3 (PDF)
HP Forum Archive 4 (PDF)
HP Forum Archive 5 (PDF)
HP Forum Archive 6 (PDF)
        HP Forum Archive 7 (PDF)
HP Forum Archive 8 (PDF)
HP Forum Archive 9 (PDF)
HP Forum Archive 10 (PDF)
HP Forum Archive 11 (PDF)
HP Forum Archive 12 (PDF)

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