The Museum of HP Calculators

Coordinate Translation and Rotation for the HP-95C

This program is Copyright © 1977 by Hewlett-Packard Company and is used here by permission. It was originally printed in the HP-95C Applications book. This program was entered and uploaded by André Wilhelmus.

This program is supplied without representation or warranty of any kind. André Wilhelmus, Hewlett-Packard and The Museum of HP Calculators therefore assume no responsibility and shall have no liability, consequential or otherwise, of any kind arising from the use of this program material or any part thereof.

Program Listing

A-000    lbl Af LBL A
A-001    35  7STO 7
A-002       12R↓
A-003    35  9STO 9
A-004       12R↓
A-005    35  8STO 8
A-006    61 53f RTN
A-007 61 63  1f LBL 1
A-008    45  9RCL 9
A-009       49
A-010       11x↔y
A-011    45  8RCL 8
A-012       49
A-013    62  6g →P
A-014       11x↔y
A-015    45  7RCL 7
A-016       49
A-017       11x↔y
A-018    61  6f →R
A-019       14PRINT x
A-020       11x↔y
A-021       14PRINT x
A-022    61 14f SPACE
A-023    61 53f RTN
A-024 61 63  2f LBL 2
A-025       11x↔y
A-026    62  6g →P
A-027       11x↔y
A-028    45  7RCL 7
A-029       59+
A-030       11x↔y
A-031    61  6f →R
A-032    45  8RCL 8
A-033       59+
A-034       14PRINT x
A-035       11x↔y
A-036    45  9RCL 9
A-037       59+
A-038       14PRINT x
A-039    61 14f SPACE

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