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HP-41C Last Program In Memory

The HP-41C always contains a permanent .END. instruction at the bottom of memory. Programs may be ended with the END instruction.

The "last program in memory" is all the space between the last END and the permanent .END. instruction at the bottom of memory. Pressing shift GTO .. ensures that all programs in memory end in and END instruction and thus causes any new programs to be loaded after all other programs in memory. (After shift GTO ..  the last program in memory is just the empty space between the END and .END.)

Remember that if you load a program from a card, wand etc. that if you want all programs currently in memory to be preserved, press shift GTO .. to make sure there is an END on the last program.

Also remember that if you press shift GTO .. between reading several programs, all of these programs will be left in the memory of the HP-41C. If you want your HP-41C to act more like an HP-65 or HP-67, don't press shift GTO .. and allow new programs to overwrite the last program currently in memory.

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