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HP Classic upgrade kit - Multi Emulator
01-14-2018, 04:13 AM
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RE: HP Classic upgrade kit - Multi Emulator
(01-14-2018 02:07 AM)rprosperi Wrote:  
(01-14-2018 01:53 AM)Sylvain Cote Wrote:  Hello Tony,
Thank you for your quick response.
So it means that for the time being, I have to find my Windows CD's somewhere and redo my VM's.
I had to do it anyway, but this time, once its stable, working and locked down, no more Windows Update ever.
I can load it and then ship it to you if that helps. Probably not sustainable over and over again into the future, but it may not be a while until an update is required so it could save you a bunch of work until you have time to rebuild the VMs.
Thank you very much Robert, but I will pass.
I need to do those VM anyway, so I will bite the bullet and rebuild them this week.
It's just that I am frustrated at Microsoft at the moment, I had outdated but perfect working Windows systems and I had convinced myself to bring them up to date.
Not long after the updates, both systems started to act strangely up to the point that they were rebooting by themselves every 20 minutes or so, I tried to reverse the updates but it just make them worse.
My big mistake was forgetting to make backup of the VM's before doing the updates.
Anyway, complaining will do nothing to solve this, i just need to take some time and patience to rebuild them.
Thanks again.
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