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HP Classic upgrade kit - Multi Emulator
03-06-2018, 03:24 PM
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RE: HP Classic upgrade kit - Multi Emulator
(03-06-2018 01:27 PM)PANAMATIK Wrote:  HP-80 converted to Multi calculator HP-67

I want to share how I inserted my new multi calculator board into an HP-80 and converted it to an HP-67 with vinyl overlay.

[Image: uc?export=view&id=1EznMXG87aJQGL5JGtPCRvPWvoxeY1L_x] [Image: uc?export=view&id=1mwpKOUVhDwhYC3BkyLGcsElBXGYgQojQ][Image: uc?export=view&id=18T6vdHMBbpoLkb90VpyqI-LjPo9DHMme] On the right the original HP-80 main board

Haralds and Tonys multi calculator is so easy to install and can repair any Classic calculator (except HP-65 hardware). It consumes only 50 mA, when switched ON, depending on the display contents.

In my case the original HP-80 had a ROM code issue and couldn't calculate some functions like square root or financial functions. But I didn't want to keep the business calculator HP-80 either, so I applied an HP-67 overlay, which originally was designed for the HP-67 calculator, but fits quite well to the classic case. Only the area above the first row is not covered and the front side label is a little short.

Many thanks and respect to Tony and Harald, this is a fantastic board for repairing or upgrading the HP "Classic" calculators.


Hi Bernhard,

Thanks for sharing the pictures and congratulations on succesfully repairing and upgrading your HP80!
The board fits all the Classic calculators appart from the 65 and 55. The 55 has additional pins and different spacing on the connector to the keyboard PCB due to the prg/timer/run switch.

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