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Radio Shack EC-4025
01-02-2018, 10:18 PM
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Radio Shack EC-4025
I have two of the subject calculators, neither one of which is working correctly. The EC-4025 is the relabeled TI Collegiate calculator. I am looking for someone with steadier hands and repair skills to look at these two and analyze whether one working calc can be created.

One of them is in pretty good physical condition but does not turn on. The other one turns on, but has a faulty battery cover (surprise!!) and its LED display has many faulty segments.

I will pay for your time to analyze them and pay shipping both ways. If you think they can be combined into one fully working calculator, I will pay your reasonable hourly rate to do the work.

By they way -- I am not mental! (At least about this.) I am an electrical power engineer and I like to collect calculators that do complex variable calculations. Believe it or not the EC-4012 (Collegiate) does.

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