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If you can't Login
07-10-2014, 02:29 PM (This post was last modified: 03-10-2016 04:26 PM by Dave Hicks.)
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If you can't Login
Here are common causes of not being able to log in, listed in order of prevalence.

You never created an account at the new forum

Since December 2013, the museum has been running completely new forum software. Because passwords on the new forum are stored using a different one-way hash, the new forum needs a new account. Click on register to proceed. Using the same username as before is preferred. You can still use your old account to edit articles on the old forum if needed.

Incorrect log on credentials

Often the user is entering their email address in the username field instead of their user name. Sometimes it is just a typo or using an account from some other website. Try looking for a thread in which you remember posting for your username. If you're sure that the username is correct, then you can try the lost password feature.

User pruning

Originally, this forum was set to prune user accounts that made less than 3 posts in the first 120 days. Since April 13th 2014, this has been changed to only prune accounts that make less than one post in the first year. User pruning only applies to user accounts – posts were never pruned. If your account was pruned, you can recreate your account. If you post something within the first year, your account will not be pruned again.

If still in doubt

If you (re)register using what you believe to be your user name then the system will either allow it or not. If the system tells you there is already an account with that name, and it is actually your account, then you can use the lost password feature. (If the lost password feature doesn't work, then it is probably someone else's account or you probably registered it with a different email address.)


If you ever change your email address, then it's a good idea to update your email address in your profile. You need a currently working email address to use the lost password feature, so either keep your email updated or make sure not to lose your password. (Preferably both.)

Lost password confusion

Some people get confused when using the lost password option. When you use it, you will receive an email with an activation link and an activation code. After you click on the activation link, you will receive a second email that contains a new password. You can then enter that new password to log in. Some people enter the activation code from the first email into the password field which will not work. Also, when it's time to log in with the new password, many people have entered their email address into the username field which also will not work.
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