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MoHPC 41C/CV/CX price & availability a bit out-of-date?
11-02-2017, 07:01 PM (This post was last modified: 11-02-2017 07:04 PM by smp.)
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MoHPC 41C/CV/CX price & availability a bit out-of-date?
Recently, I saw an auction for an HP-27:

I'm not familiar with that particular model, so I went to the MoHPC site to take a look at the specs.
That led to a look at the price & rarity list.
While I was there, I also took a look for my all-time favorite, the 41C/CV/CX.
There was a note, so I took a look at that, too, and what a surprise!

Here it is:

(3) HP-41s were very popular and therefore very common. However, their popularity persists 
among some users so don't be surprised if some owners refuse to sell at any price. The 
recently discontinued HP-42S also has fans that will pay very high prices. Some HP-41C 
accessory prices that have been seen on eBay:

Card reader : $25-60
Optical wand : $15-50
IL module : $5-50
Blank card set : $10-30
Matrix printer : $15-40
Cassette drive : $20-50

I am amazed at those prices. If those actually were the prices being asked on TAS, or anywhere else, I would have a lot more equipment in my possession today.

I suppose this shouldn't be a surprise, as I can imagine that the upkeep of the entire site is a tremendous effort. Ongoing. All the time. I do not mean to be critical. I am
very happy to have the MoHPC as a resource there to go to any time I want.

Thanks for listening. Hopefully, you all had a chuckle when you read it, too.

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