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HP 35S Memory questions
10-25-2017, 02:35 PM
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HP 35S Memory questions
I am working on my own programs for the HP35s to help me with an NCEES exam and I am trying to save on memory where applicable. I am having trouble figuring the exact memory used by equations. I read in a datafile issue that equations in programs used 3 bytes plus 1 byte for each character. Does this include instructions and numbers? I do know that instructions use 3 bytes and numbers use 35 bytes.
For example, in the following equation:
Do I calculate 3 bytes plus 1 byte x 30 characters for a total of 33 bytes or do I have to additionally add 3 bytes for each instruction IP(), COS(), etc. and 35 bytes for each number 180, 2, etc.?
In addition, other lines of my program have 180. Since numbers in program lines use 35 bytes would I save memory using π →DEG instead of 180 (6 bytes instead of 35 and using two program lines instead of one)?
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