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What to do with my Collection?
10-24-2017, 05:00 PM
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What to do with my Collection?
Its been a long time since I was here, learning about math puzzles, MCODE, and repairing 9114As. Over the last few days I enjoyed reading some of the amazing stuff that continues to happen here (thank you Dave for this wonderful forum!), I even got to see some of the videos from the last few HHCs. So much impressive work.

Alas, I have to figure out what to do with my collection. Over the years, I've put together quite a bit of HP41, HP71, and HP-IL related pieces, many of which are common place (complete collection of HP41 Solution books), others are a bit more rare (NIB Hepax, EPROM Burner for HP-71). I even have some non 41/71 related stuff (complete voyager boxed series, HP75s, etc)

Right now, all of them are just sitting in boxes, neither getting care nor play, and with me moving all the time around, it is unlikely this will change anytime soon.

So I thought I come back to my place of home for anything HP related and ask for suggestion on what to do. I wish I had the time to sell everything piece by piece on eb&*, but if I had that time I think I would much rather dig up some old restoration or MCODE project. I also don't know of any museum that would actually make good use of it, or have the space to display at least the top parts of my collection and sell as a bundle on eb&* or something.

As you can tell, I'm lost.

So I'm turning to you as a trusted source of advice. Looking forward to getting your suggestions, feel free to also DM me.

All the best



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