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WP-31S Qt Emulator Bug (Fixed)
03-04-2015, 09:26 PM (This post was last modified: 03-06-2015 03:40 AM by BarryMead.)
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WP-31S Qt Emulator Bug (Fixed)
I discovered a bug in the WP-31s Qt Emulator. If Edit/Preferences/Keyboard "Use H-shift click" is checked, and you have a number in the X register and click on the yellow part of the "f" shift key (not the black part) it corrupts the number in the X register. Many of the yellow parts of the keys were executing strange functions. There was a lot of code left over from the WP-34s associated with clicking on the green part of the key to automatically activate the hShifted functions. I corrected all of that remnant hShifted stuff and converted it to fShifted, so now you can click on the yellow part of the key to have direct access to the f shifted operations in the WP-31s Qt emulator.

Unzip this attached zip file into & change the current directory to the wp34s/branches/wp31s/QtGui directory and apply the patches with this command:

patch -p0 <FixShift-r3758-20150305.patch

This bug was originally reported in the "WP31s error recovery" thread, but it didn't belong there so I created a separate thread. Walter, Pauli, Marcus, Pascal, Johnathan, Bit, anyone who reviews WP-31s Qt emulator changes. Please try it out and let me know what you think. The patch applies changes to the following files in the wp34s/branches/wp31s/QtGui directory:


Thanks, Barry

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