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[wp31s] simple equation editor ?
02-14-2015, 07:45 PM
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[wp31s] simple equation editor ?
Would a (simple) equation editor for the 31s be feasible (and desirable)?

What I have in mind is not programmability but rather entering straight forward
equations using rpn. Those equations would have a few variables. The user would
then be prompted for all but one values. The calculator then solves for this variable.

There would be no loops, branches or subroutines. Length and complexity could be
limited as appropriate. This should remain really simple and straight forward. For
everything else there is the 34s or excel. The aim should not be feature bloat but a
simple and intuitive feature in the spirit of the 31s.

Example: Volume of a cone, V = 1/3 * pi * r^2 * h

Suggested steps:
1) press f [more] EQNED
2) prompt: edit eqn#?
3) press 1 for first eqn out of 10 possible
4) key in
5) press f [more] EQNSLV
6) prompt: solve eqn#?
7) press 1
8) prompt: slv for: R H V?
9) press H
10) prompt: R?
11) enter value for R
12) repeat for V
13) calculator solves for H

Would this be possible?
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