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New Project wp34s micro usb flash cable revisited
02-04-2015, 08:40 AM
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New Project wp34s micro usb flash cable revisited

All due respects, Harold Pott's micro usb board idea is bass-ackwards. We don't want to mount the chips in the wp34s, we only want to mount the micro usb female plug in the wp34s!

Why mount a usb board in every device in your collection? Why not make one 3.3v usb cable containing the crossover resistors, along with 3.3v power source, which you may plug into any of your 3Xs devices? All you need mount in the wp34s (in the end of the unit, not side) is the female micro usb jack and associated fine bell wiring, and voila! (sorry Walter, no violets for you this time :-p )

So, the ultimate simple and reliable wp34s flash|update cable is going to start here:

[Image: FTDI_PL2303HX.png]

This photo shows the power line moved from the 5.1v to the 3.4v source, for powering the wp34s. The next step is to install the crossover resistors (miniature 1k), then seal the plug. On the other end will go the male micro usb jack (Tx Rx) already crossed, 3.3v power source, and ground.

The fine bell wiring will be according to Pott's idea (thanks Harold) and, again, voila!

We start tomorrow, photos coming!


Kind regards,
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