Poll: Which way do you want to let the calculator be bootstrapped? (Explanations in OP)
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Bootstrapping landscape alphanumeric RPN
01-06-2015, 06:57 AM
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Bootstrapping landscape alphanumeric RPN
The landscape alphanumeric RPN thread stalled with pleas to bootstrap the calculator (specifically one with original firmware) rather than make it directly by Bill and me made with full awareness that such ideas could/would outrage many people. But leaving it indefinitely as vaporware does nobody any good. So what we are to do is let it be that someone undertakes to bootstrap it in one of three ways.
A) emulate the proposed firmware on mobile phone/tablet/computer
B) remake an existing calculator with landscape hardware (minor modifications permitted)
C) combine A and B (perhaps be daring enough to trick a TI-92/TI Voyage 200 into operating in RPN—makes more sense in my opinion than programming an HP 67/97 to use algebraic logic but don't tell the Jim Horn who wrote the program at http://www.rskey.org/gene/calcmuseum/67aos.htm)
Being serious, which way do you agree with most?[/code]
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