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New Version: 2018.02.12
02-21-2018, 08:12 PM
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New Version: 2018.02.12

New versions are available on the update archive. I highly recommend just running check for update in your emulator/connkit to get the files. If your network blocks direct connection however, the direct links can be found below at "".

The iOS/Android/Winstore versions will be downloaded through your normal phone update mechanism as they are approved by the various stores. They are still pending at this time.

HP Prime Connectivity Kit Installer - Windows
HP Prime Virtual Calculator Installer - Windows
HP Prime Connectivity Kit DMG - macOS
HP Prime Virtual Calculator DMG - macOS
HP Prime Calculator Firmware

This is essentially a re-release of the last version with a few corrections to some regressions. The details of fixes and new features can be found in the original thread. See that for full details.

Quote:HP Prime – Release Notes

Date Released: 2018/02/12

Internal Versions
Firmware Version: 2018 02 12 (13441)
Virtual Calculator Version: 2018 02 12 (13441)
Connectivity Kit: 2018 02 12 (13441)

Primary focus in this release is to correct some regressions introduced in last version. Think of this release as a re-release of the previous version 2018 02 12 (13333).

Resolved issues and changes excluding CAS
1. Resolved issue with DIMGROB command causing issues with existing programs
2. Resolved issue with empty list in geometry
3. Resolved issue with some unicode characters
4. Resolved issue with EXPR and nested list calling
5. Resolved issues with a few spelling or syntax issues in the on-calc help.

Resolved issues and changes in CAS
1. Resolved issue with | in the CAS creating permanent variable


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