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FS: Eramco EPROM Box [SOLD] - MeindertKuipers - 04-11-2018 03:44 PM

I have decided to clean up my collection, and keep only those item that I want to keep using. My goal is really to find a good home for the items. So keep watching this space for more items in the coming time. When interested please send a PM with a reasonable offer. I plan to only sell on TAS if there are no good offers.

First item is an HP41 Eramco EPROM Box, type ES84021A. Gives 8 banks of ROM space in pages 8-F, selectable by switches. Contains 8 4K ROMS (DAVID Assembler with Labels, ESMLDL-OS, -RAM BOX A, ZEN ROM plus some home made images). The housing is missing (may show up when I further clean out some boxes), for the rest the unit is in good working order. No documentation available. See picture.