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Full Version: HP-01 emulator for iOS/iWatch...
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This is a shameless plug for my pal Lee Ann, who just released Calc-01, a iOS/iWatch app simulating an HP-01 watch.

I've become an Android person in the last few years, so I can't say I've run it extensively, but the UI on the iWatch on the wrist is really cute if you can't scrape together the cash to buy the one you find on eBay. It's also about fifteen hundred times cheaper than the last one I saw on eBay, too.

Happy to funnel feedback, bug reports, etc her way if any of you try it.
Very cool! Finally a reason to consider buying an Apple Watch. Problem is that I would have to buy a matching iPhone to go with it (my company supplied iPhone is too old for that and I am not supposed to install private toy stuff on it anyway) which brings up the total price to the same level as a real HP01.
Very nice app for the iwatch!

Thanks for the link and info.
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