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Full Version: wp34S on windows (or android?)
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I was thinking. newRPL is built with the 50g in mind, but it can be also a nice math environment for windows (linux) systems (and maybe later android).

Free42 is already a nice math environment for windows/android.

Could the wp34S be developed also for windows/linux (a command line version would be way enough) or not? That would be quite useful making the project way more appealing (that is already great), not only for those having a 30b.

PS: small note. Impressive how many great project the HP calculator community spawned that are not emulators (and already emulators are not that trivial). RPL/2, newRPL, hpgcc, free42, wp34s, ND1 (others?). This also due to the fact that HP did not cover that quickly the needs covered by those programs.

I am not aware of something similar on the TI/Casio/Sharp/Etc side.
A WP 34S emulator is available on both Linux and Windows. The text version builds and runs on both too but I'd not recommend it for anyone but myself Smile

There is no Android port -- this needs somebody with Android development experience which we lack.

(09-22-2017 06:32 AM)pier4r Wrote: [ -> ]I am not aware of something similar on the TI/Casio/Sharp/Etc side.

Yes, there are active foruns for TI and Casio which improves a lot calculators.

I myself have a Casio Prizm which I've installed eigenmath CAS, that was ported to the Prizm by a bright kid in the OmniNaga forum (lots of interesting hacks there). This made my Prizm, with its colors, big font and easy-to-use functions (I barely need go to the manual!) a fantastic calculator!

There's TIplanet, too, and probably others.

Of course, the best one is MoHPc, by far!!!

Warm Regards!

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