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Full Version: For Sale: power supply for Sanyo ICC-807D calculator
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I have a power supply/charger for a Sanyo ICC-807D calculator.
I obtained it as a boy from my father together with the calculator.
The calculator was beautiful with ist rounded heavy metal case and I loved it.
The calculator is long gone but the power supply survived.
I will never use it and maybe someone can use it to complete a calculator which is missing this part.
This might also fit the similarly looking ICC-81D, but I am not sure.
It is a 220V device with European plug.
The unit is unmodified and in good shape complete with the attached wires and connectors.

The label says:
AC Adaptor
INPUT: ~220V 50/60 Hz
OUTPUT: -7.5V 40 mA
-7.5V 200 mA
POWER: 3.5 W
Serial No. 72052 T

The unit is in Europe and has the European 220V plug.

Asking €5/$5 plus shipping costs.
[Image: sanyo-psu.jpg]
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