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Full Version: CAS calculators that run on alkaline cells
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I came across a cheap 1st-gen TI-Nspire CAS this past weekend (the kind with the click pad), which only supports AAA batteries. It got me thinking, what other CAS models (any brand) are out there that don't rely on a proprietary rechargeable battery pack? I can think of a few, but there must be other ones.

TI-89/89 Titanium
TI-Nspire CAS Click Pad or Touch Pad
Casio Algebra FX
HP 49G/49G+/50G (I think the same or similar software is available for the 48)
Wasn't there a Derive card for the HP palmtops?
(09-07-2017 01:56 PM)Dave Britten Wrote: [ -> ]Wasn't there a Derive card for the HP palmtops?

Yes there was (is?), I saw one on eBay last week. Don't know if its still there, but was included with a 95LX IIRC.
TI Voyage 200.

Casio Prizm (although not originally with CAS, it's very easy to install one in it, eigenmath).

HP 28C/S (although a primitive CAS and running on n-cell battery but not on rechargeable battery pack).

That's it.
The Casio Classpad series run on AAA batteries and have a CAS.
Oh yeah, forgot about the Voyage 200 (though it's essentially a 92+ with real-time clock, and possibly more memory).

I didn't realize those other Casios qualified. I might have to give them a closer look.
HP40G, HP40gs, HP39gII

The HP39G as well if you apply the hack to make the CAS visible.
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