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Full Version: HP-85 and accessories
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Hi All,

I've had an HP-85A and a few accessories for some time now, and despite how much I love HP stuff, I just haven't had time to use it. The machine is in good working condition but is slightly yellowed. It does have the tinted anti-glare filter over the CRT.

As far as plug in modules go, I've got the following:

82936A ROM Drawer

83939A Serial Interface

83903A 16K memory module

83937A HP-IB interface

00085-15002 Plotter/Printer (2)
00085-15003 Input/Output
00083-60904 Service-83

I've also got a custom built Lattice ROM board that includes the following ROMs as EPROMS:
advanced programming
Mass storage
ext mass storage

I've got an extra power supply board for the 85 also.

I'd be willing to take offers on all this stuff individually or as a set, however you'd like. I just can't bear to see it collect dust any longer when someone could be enjoying it!

Contact me via PM please.
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