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Full Version: WTB: HP 85 ROM Modules
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For my newly acquired HP 85B I am looking for following ROM modules:
Advanced Programming, Printer/Plotter, Matrix, Assembler, EMS (extended mass storage).
Please send me a private message.
Hi Michael,

Are you looking for the ROM's as collector's items or for their functionality? If it's the latter, I recommend a PRM-85.


Hello Dave,

thanks for your hint.
The roms should serve as both - as collector's items and as fun-amplifiers when playing with the 85B. I know about PRM-85 and currently am on the waiting list.
But I am afraid it may take some time until the next production run takes place.
Besides, apart from the rarer EMS and Assembler roms, the other three together should be cheaper than a PRM85 including a 82937a ( as a donor for the housing :-).
I received Advanced Programming and Printer/Plotter ROMs, so only
Matrix, Assembler and EMS ROMs remain on the list.
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