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Full Version: FS: HP 48S
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I have a nice condition HP 48S calculator with voluminous owners manual for sale. Self test reports that it is working fine. All feet are present, battery compartment is clean, no names engraved, no marring -- it's clean.

I've had it for ages and I have never used it, so it's time to let it go to another aficionado. I'll ship worldwide at your cost. Payment by PayPal.

I can take other photos or answer questions, but for now here are some photos from a few minutes ago:
[Image: LbRBVLjl.jpg]
[Image: 7JHsKhGl.jpg]
[Image: A9fobCgl.jpg?1]
[Image: KcG7ckWl.jpg]
[Image: 1CTz7S9l.jpg?1]
I appear to have overpriced this, given the sparse interest. PM an offer of what you think it's worth and we'll go from there.
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