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Full Version: dm41 waterproofing
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I got my dm41 in the mail and been playing with it for a while.

One thing got me thinking. The front surface looks all smooth and waterproof. The back is not waterproof because of usb cut and reset pin holes. How hard it is to produce a case variant without those holes? Even without holes the water can get through screw threads and through the gap between front and case, but I could apply some product to those areas to keep the water out when I take it on a boat.

Anyway, with the case the way it is, what is the good way to plug those holes?
It's too big to be next uWatch. So... mWatch?

Is that case a real thing or is that photoshop? Your pictures are the first compelling reason I've seen for the DM41 form factor. How do I get the case for mine?
It is a real thing. I wish my photoshop skills were that good. I had to resort to 3d printer to make one. And here is version 0.2.
I found out that strap has to be as close to the narrowest part of a wrist as possible, thus needs asymmetric placement.

As for the form factor, I came to believe it is the only form factor which makes sense these days. I will explain. wp34s, awesome as it is, is just too big. This size niche is already occupied by a smart phone -- two devices of this size are too much and smartphone always wins. So, to survive as a carry item, calculator has to shift to a smaller cohort.

PS. About getting your own: I can post the shape file when I am done. I think Kinko's can 3d print these days. Or was it Office Depot?
(04-20-2017 01:36 AM)nsg Wrote: [ -> ]I think Kinko's can 3d print these days. Or was it Office Depot?

A quick Google search for "kinkos 3d" turned up Staples and UPS. Shapeways is good for selling/sharing designs, but if you're looking for something local then checkout www.3dhubs.com.
I think I arrived at what I believe is a final version of a brace. I posted stl files on this page:
DM41 wrist brace

I had to move strap slots as far out as possible, so that the strap sits in the narrowest point of the wrist.

I have not found a good solution for a strap. Right now it is 1" webbing with some velcro sewn on it. It was way too much work to make (that is why there is only one main strap in the picture even though secondary would probably add to stability and comfort).
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