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Full Version: TI-59 Firmware and two TI-59 games to convert to RPN ?
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I am not aware of an HP67 / HP-41 / HP-42 equivalent game to these:

One is an astounding achievement for the TI-59 series: Backgammon

It was submitted to the PPX-59 service TI ran. Took a partition of 720 program steps and 30 data registers.

The other game is a bit more fanciful, but was written by Palmer Hanson, who attended HHC 2012 in Nashville. He was the TI PPC Notes editor for many, many years.

It is the game: Cross-country Baloon Trip

It uses 240 program steps and takes 10 data registers.

Finally, here is the PDF to the internal firmware on the TI-59. The TI-59 used these internal program steps to perform certain instructions such as mean, linear regression, DMS, etc. These were discovered in 1980 I believe.

TI59 Firmware
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