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Full Version: ISO: Woodstock battery pack
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I'm trying to equip my collection of HP-21, 25, and 27 calculators with working batteries, but I'm short two of the plastic battery packs. I'm looking for part number 82019-B, which is the beige-colored battery pack holding two AA-cell NiCad batteries. I can replace old batteries, but it's hard to fabricate a replacement plastic part that matches. If you know where I can find one or two of these, please PM me.

Referring to a link on the museum site, this is what I'm looking for (with our without batteries -- I just want the plastic holder):

[Image: batt20.jpg]

You might want to check this thread in the general forum:

I will probably have some models available on shapeways by the end of the month, not quite the same finish and color but workable at a cost of ~$17 (a little over $12 for the top and bottom of the case and about ~4.50 shipping based on what I ordered today) for the case alone without springs or batteries.
Check out some of Nate's other work here: shapeways.com/shops/hpparts
Printed parts - sounds yummy!
I'd love to see a photo of a final product, as opposed to the CAD rendering. Are you printing in PVA?

I also wonder whether folks know of a reasonable place to buy springs? Clearly won't be printing those, but having a spring will be a nice element.

Great work, Nate!
I expect the 2nd rev cases sometime next week. Once I have in hand I will try to upload pics.

as for springs, there is a source on ebay that people were using for the 41C battery cases (although I thought they were a little big) that seem to fit well. search for "Dual Copper Spring Coil For Dual 18650" frequently used with vaporizers.

Would you be interested it taking over your models from the hpparts shop? To date, folks have bought $760 worth of your model parts. I think you deserve to be rewarded for your contribution with some profit.

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