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Full Version: HP 34-C Free To Good Home
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I have an HP-34-C that was my brother's in college. I sent it to someone here on the forums and they graciously fixed it for me.... However, it has been months after I purchased a new battery pack and it will not take a charge. The charger is good, I tested it. I am through messing with it... months of frustration at a non-working calculator. So.... whoever wants it can have it. Contact me in a PM please.

You get everything The box, all books/pamphlets, charger, receipts, new battery pack... the works.
You have a PM
Brad has first dibs. If for some reason that does not work out I will go with the second PM sent to me. I will keep you guys updated either way.
You have another PM. Talk to you tomorrow.
I sent the calculator [plus all the goodies] out the 23rd to it's new home. This offer is now CLOSED. Hopefully you will all enjoy it through that person.
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