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Full Version: WTB: HP 82160A HP-IL for HP-41
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I am looking to acquire an HP 82160A HP-IL interface for my HP 41. I would like to acquire the interface, the User Manual and the Quick Reference Card.

I would like to buy at a reasonable (non-eBay) price. Alternately, I can possibly trade, or combine a trade with purchase.

Here are some items that I have available for trade:

HP-200LX (1 MB) with the User Manual & Quick Start Guide, AC adapter, SIO interface cable, PCMCIA adapter with 8 MB Compact Flash card. No battery compartment damage.

HP Jornada 820 in the original box, the CDs, AC adapter, SIO interface cable, manual printed out from a PDF file. The battery still works and holds a charge!

HP-71B, pretty much bare bones stock, missing one front port cover, but includes the HP-IL Interface Module. No battery compartment damage.

HP-85 Stuff:
82903A 16K Memory Module
82936A ROM Drawer, containing: 00085-15005 Advanced Programming ROM, 00085-15002 Plotter/Printer ROM, 00085-15007 Assembler ROM
82937A HP-IB Interface Module
82900A Auxiliary Processor (A.K.A. CP/M System)

HP-9122 Dual 3.5 inch Floppy Disk Drive
(Of course, the HP-9122 is somewhat heavy, so shipping costs will enter the picture.)

Please let me know if you have an HP 82160A to offer. I can take pictures (to the best of my ability) and send them to you via personal e-mail.

Thanks for looking!

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