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Full Version: HP 35S for sale
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Good condition 35S for sale. Includes English manual, quick start guide, CD, zippered case and retail packaging. Used lightly.

First reasonable offer plus shipping from Canada takes it.

Thank you.

May I assume that this means your 31s meets all your needs?
(08-12-2015 01:39 AM)Den Belillo (Martinez Ca.) Wrote: [ -> ]May I assume that this means your 31s meets all your needs?

Not quite! But it is a very good tool to have around. I never really liked the 35S that much, so it hasn't made its way into my work desk drawer like some other HP and WP machines have Wink
As my case has lost its, how to say it, zip action, and I'd be happy to have a backup 35s (and a new working hardcase), I'd be very interested. But I guess postage is already unreasonable.

What I want to say really: Very interesting offer as later 35s' didn't include this case. I would take it if I were in Canada.
If you are interested in only the calculator and case, the shipping to Germany would be more reasonable than also sending the remaining items. If that interests you, I can get a shipping estimate for the calculator and case only.
Fortunately I have the english manual in the dead tree edition, so you could maybe split this sale and make another user happy.
Still available if anyone is interested.
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