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Full Version: Sharp PC-1262 Pocket Computer
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I have a Sharp PC-1262 pocket computer for sale.
While not an HP, I know there some forum members who appreciate the Sharp Pocket Computers.

It's in very good condition, has the slide-on hard cover, the vinyl case with keyboard overlays, the CE-125 Printer/Micro Cassette Tape Drive, and the Manual. Note: The Micro Cassette Tape Drive may need a new belt. While I was able to save /load a small program, it didn't always do it perfectly. Belt is probably stretched. Likewise, the rechargeable batteries in the printer do not hold a charge and would need to be replaced. I will include the A/C charger.

Asking $45 including shipping to the USA only.

Smithville, NJ
P.M. sent
The PC-1262 has been sold and will soon be on it's way to it's new owner.

Thanks to everyone who expressed an interest in it.

Smithville, NJ
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