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Full Version: Garrett 2020 Space Helmet - a blast from the past into the future year of 2020?
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One local auction site is advertizing this amazing Garrett model 2020 "space helmet" RPN calculator from 1975.
A quick Internet search reveals how pricey (and probable rare) they are now.

Was Garrett predicting that by year 2020 the trend on calculators would be RPN and offered inside spherical enclosures to better resist the outer space environment where half of the human population would be living by then?

[Image: garrett_2020.jpg] [Image: $_57.JPG]
Nice! :)

A typical space age specimen.
I've always wanted one of those (or the RCA-labeled one), but I've never happened upon them in auctions other than after the auction had closed. Some actually have sold for not all that much money.

It would be fun to create a reproduction of the casing, but with a more modern and functional RPN calculator inside, perhaps similar to an HP-29C. (I think one can't add a lot of keys to the design without either making it bigger, or making the keys too small.)
I like this futuristic calculator too. I reminds me to "Raumpatrouille Orion". I have never seen it before. Unfortunately not an HP model, otherwise it would be the ultimate collectors item HP-02.

There are two other auctions at TAS.com.

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