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Full Version: Installing the WP34s Overlay Correctly
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If you are repurposing an HP30b --> WP34s be sure to watch Eric's video on YouTube.

The reason for my post is to alert folks to the programming template overlay that comes with the HP30b. I discovered the programming overlay accidentally (in the back cover of the startup guide for the HP30b).

The overlay is transparent mylar with adhesive, similar to the vinyl overlay provided by Eric. What I found helpful was to practice with the clear overlay first. Using Eric's technique from the video, practice lining it up (yes, you can do it more than once easily using a small pen knife to help get the clear overlay up).

To keep from screwing up the real overlay is important (you don't want to waste it) which can be eliminated with just a bit of practice.

Whoohoo... Eric's overlays came in today's mails, yesss.

We're getting closer. Smile
When I was a kid my dad did some work with signs and used vinyl lettering on occasion. He would use soapy water on the sticky side and this allowed him to move the letters into perfect position. I wonder if a similar technique would work provided you don't let any excess water into the calc.
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