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Full Version: HP-42S vs. HP-35S (or HP-33S or HP-32SII)
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Hi all,

Maybe I chose the wrong forum, so please look here. I'm confident there are enough knowing people on this forum.


(Just edited the subject for sake of clarity.)
Are you asking for preferences? I'd rank them (from best) as 42S, 32SII, 32S, and would look at something else entirely (maybe even a 19BII) before going with either the 33S or 35S.

Expanded 48SX tops them all, of course. Smile
The Hp 42s still outshines my Hp 35s (which never gets used, basically for the same reason you DON'T use yours, it's a battery HOG!). The Hp 35s has only two features that I kind of like or miss on my Hp 42s.
The first and most important is the equation solver and I would like it even more, if it were equal to an Hp 27s/17B (which proves Hp could have put that solver in the 42s too). The solver that actually is in the Hp 42s is much more awkward as you need to create variables, then build an RPN equation. Still better than NO solver.
I do like the fraction capability of the Hp 32ii thru the Hp 35s. Nice feature for shop or construction use.
One thing I miss on ALL of these calculators is the units conversion utility of the Hp 48/50G series. It something that I need often enough that I keep an older Hp 48G in my desk, just for that purpose alone.
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