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Full Version: Newly Built Systemyde 41CL For Sale
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I have a newly built Systemyde 41CL for sale. I disassembled many HP-41's looking for the very best parts that I could find. Gold Trimmed (41CV) case top with great display, perfect keys, intact posts, and good zebra connector. Case bottom with no screw seats broken. Perfect OEM battery-I/O block with no battery leakage damage or corrosion and unworn port contacts (I tried the aftermarket battery-I/O block repair parts and found them inferior to the original part). Into this assembly I placed an newly updated (FPGA, CPLD, and Flash Images), unused (Version 3) 41-CL board with serial port installed in an I/O port cover. I have added a Time Module to provide for full Time functionality.

I have completely tested the assembly (see 12 keyboard tests in a row using the HP-41CX Diagnostic Service ROM Keyboard and Min Debounce tests at https://youtu.be/9z2BxS5XDWk ) and it works perfectly.

I've added an OEM 4 N-cell battery holder/back, four aftermarket rubber feet, the remaining 2 I/O port covers, side charger port cover and original HP-41C vinyl case in very good condition, along with the Systemyde provided serial cable for connection to a computer or another 41CL for data transfer or updates.

This unit is offered for someone unable or not desiring to convert their own HP-41 into the amazing Systemyde 41CL calculator.

90-day free warranty (not including shipping). After 90 days, I offer to repair this unit for $50 plus parts and shipping for at least 2 years hence.

I've had my own 41CL for over 5 years now and still marvel at its capabilities and utility. Definitely my favorite calculator now.

I'll post photos in the next day or so.

$999.00 plus shipping.
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