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HP41C Memories

Posted by Namir Shammas on 20 June 2001, 2:21 p.m.

I first saw the HP41 at Educalc, CA, while visiting ther ein the summer of 1979. Upon returning to Ann Arbor, MI, to complete my studies, I headed straight to Ulrich's Bookstore and bought me a machine.

I ended working for a water treatment company in Richmond, VA. I travelled a lot to do technical demonstrations. I took my HP41C and all of it's accessories with me. After work, I'd sit in my hotel room and write programs that I submitted to the library in Corvallis. I guess I lost count of how many programs I sent. I got a call one day for a phone interview and was told that I held the record for contributing HP41C programs.

My interest grew thanks to Jimm DeArras who also lived in Richmond. Jim was among the first people to allow the 41 to hook up with more memory that HP said was possible! Jim and I attended the PPC chapter meeting in College Park, MD. It was an interesting ritual. The PPC meetings in Chicago were wonderful too. I have a lot of fond memories of meeting bright and enthusiastic folks, like Richard Nelson, Jake Shwartz, Bill Colb, and many more!

The HP41C (and all the other HPs calculator I owned) occupy a special place in my memories. Thanks HP!!!


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