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How I got my 65 before they were introduced

Posted by Dean Lampman on 30 Apr 2001, 6:18 p.m.

How I got my 35 is a story for another time, but when I opened it up and saw the stack the first words out of my mouth was "They are going to make this thing programable".

So I wrote a letter to HP saying I wanted to buy one of the first could I enter my order. The thing I got back in the mail was a non disclosure form (which I had signed by my company president and returned). Three days later by Fed-ex I got an HP 65 (90 days before they were anounced). My contact at HP was Richard Baumann. SEE MESSAGE #83:

I was working on my Masters in Operations Research and when I used it for a test (calculators required), it started an arguement which all my classmates still remind me about.

Then I used it on my P.E. exam (calculators permited) and had the state pass a law that programable ones were excluded.

When my 9 year old took it to school for show and tell, the teacher, the principle and the head of the school board called me at home to see how they could get one.

It was so popular and famous that the people gathered to gether formed a Personal Computer Clup and chapter number 1 in Dayton Ohio became DMA ... see and is as far as we know today the bigest and longest lasting of all compter clubs

PS I have seriel number #17 of the ALTAIR's also

>> and that is yet an other story


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