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HP34C again!!!

Posted by Stephan Matthys on 21 Aug 2013, 1:52 p.m.

I recently came across the following memory HP-34C BETTER THAN S*X & I fully agree with Norm!
Imho the HP34C was one of the finest calculators ever designed & produced by HP. For sure, some years later it was kind of outclassed by the well-known & beloved HP15C (which I think really is the best calculator ever made!), & some may argue that the HP41C & the HP42s may be even better...

The HP34C was my first HP calculator, bought back in ~1980 during secondary school, replacing my original TI30. Some years ago I disposed of it as it didn't work any more... :-(

But after reading the post mentioned above I absolutely had to get an HP34C again. Fortunately I found one in reasonable condition & at a reasonable price on one of the known auction platforms.
It IS a great calculator! The keyboard layout (even though in portrait) is well done & the keys are perfect! The blinking of the LEDs during program execution is really nice: I love it! Everything is more or less self-explanatory, almost no hidden functions or features.

Some history:
After my original HP34C I had several HP calculators:
HP15C (bought during my studies ~1985; still working, in the meantime on the third set of batteries...)
HP48SX (bought during my studies ~1990, dead in the meantime due to display issues)
HP67 (dead in the meantime & disposed of... :-( )
HP49g+ (sh*tty keys, crazy colours, too many functions, too many soft menus...)
HP35s (nice calculator, but I still prefer the HP15C & the HP34C)
HP15C LE (OK, but even though faster than the original I prefer the old one; touch & feel are by far better there!)

& now an HP34C again (second series, soldered ICs)...

Edited: 22 Aug 2013, 2:25 a.m.


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