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a very strange hp-35

Posted by Dana Bingham on 29 June 2009, 4:51 p.m.

evidently, you must be very careful what you say on this forum or the message will not posted...

i quoted the hp forum history of the hp-35 and the message did not get posted.... not sure if i annoyed someone or just did not hit the enter button. i am sure open and truthful information is welcome on this forum

on the other hand, i have a very strange hp-35

it has the serial number between the feet and a raised dot on the "5" key, but does not have a red dot. the serial number falls in or very close to red dot serial numbers, and the serial number tag is pristine. if it is a fraud, i dare someone to prove it. but it is not a red dot

i am not trying to sell it, or to confuse anyone, or to say i have something special. it is special, of course, by all published information i can find, including that information provided by our fair and open minded hp curator.

personally, i think it is an "end of the run" red dot with a second generation "top plate" on it. just my opinion, of course. dana


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