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What a shock .. what a relief

Posted by peter a walker (papwalker) on 18 Aug 2008, 11:58 a.m.

Born 1960 Pulling phones apart by 10. I went mad for calculators in the '70s, but I was poor and they were expensive.

I dabbled in electronics and communications where a decent scientific calc was really required, but soon switched streams to programming. Not much need there (except maybe the HP-16C) Been programming IBM PC/clones for nearly two decades.

The other day I thought I'd lost my 32S. I was devastated ... and surprised how much sentimental value it carried. I was so relieved to find it (sans plastic pouch - still looking). I even rummaged through several boxes of 15 year old crud to find the manual. (Arrh Safe and sound. Safely tucked away now, I hope I'll find the pouch here somewhere (annoyed). The whole episode re-awakened my interest in calcs - especially HP. So I splashed out and grabbed two near mint 32S off eBay, calcs, pouches, manuals, packing and boxes (one was the 50th anniversary) The went up the road and bought a 50G and TI Nspire CAS. The TI is exceptional and I can't wait for HP to catch up but the HP still has stuff the TI doesn't and there are some thing the 32S can do easier then either the TI or the HP. But I love them all (how weird is that..)
First calc - Elsi Mate EL-120 1973/4
Some Panasonic or other
Qualitron 1421 RPN 1975
Sinclair Cambridge RPN. 1981
Radio Shack PC-1 1983
HP32S 1988
HP50G 2008
TI Nspire CAS 2008 eek! how did you get in here<g>

(new edit)
Oh Noooooooooo
The bug has been caught.
Adorning the shelf are new acquisitions.
2 x HP16C. One scratched up for daily use. One mint for deity use.
1 x mint HP11C
1 x average HP15C
1 x near mintHP-71B
1 x very average HP-75D and pod.
2 x good HP82162 printers.
1 x good boxed HP82240A printer
1 x new boxed HP20S
1 x new boxed HP48G
1 x average boxed HP28S
someone stop me please.

Edited: 2 Sept 2009, 9:10 a.m.


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