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Posted by designnut on 24 Apr 2008, 9:03 p.m.

I started using HP test equipment and birriwed instruction books for HP and Tektronix equipment and read them like textbooks of design. While designing digital meters I had Len Cutler of HP ask me about the field. When the first calcculator ad appeared in Scientific American it was a punch-out fold-up calculator mockup. Someone in sales had one and I asked to try it. GET YOUR OWN! So I did. My boss was going to a negoting session with the customer and asked to borrow it, they started throwing numbers at him, he used the calculator to throw them back and won the day. I had several calculators, the 15C I sent to a pen-pal in Estonia for her son. His math prof was so taken with it he asked to borrow it over the summer. I had seent the manual and the advanced math book for it. I started with RPN and rewrote equations into keystroke procedures. I found solutions I would not have found with algebraic and used intermediate results as extra information from the solution. I admired HP's use of a new technology to develop several kinds of equipment using the same basic hardware. They were always out front of development.


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