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My HPs and me

Posted by Kareem Mokdad on 3 Feb 2008, 2:10 p.m.

I had many calcs in my life, starting from the college, where teachers sold us some TI-30 in the early 90's, for the last year of college, I even bought a Casio BASIC pocket computer, but I bought my very first HP when I was at the Ecole Supérieure de Commerce. I was seating in a classroom with a mate who found an HP 32sII left on a desk and begun playing with it and telling me about RPN, which I couldn't handle correctly at this time and actually found really stupid :), he also showed me how to do a hard reset on the machine, useless to say that we had to hide from the owner after this :). But I was so impressed by the unique look of the machine, It looked so solid, so undestructible... I had to get one ! Actually they were very expensive and I eventually bought an HP-20s with my few savings.

Later on, I bought a 17BII, which was even more impressive. And later again a 19BII, what a class !

Years went on and I had other interests and other calcs, since I had been deceived by a low-cost HP notebook running Vista and the awful low-cost HP customer "support" regarding this product, I decided I didn't want to hear from HP anymore and got rid of my HP stuff. I also turned back to TI and bought a BA II Plus Professional. What a foolishness, when I was wandering on the net, I just realized I couldn't live without HP calcs and the fantastic RPN logic. I realized that HP calcs where just the best calcs in the world ever.

So I went to Cash Converters to get MY 17BII+ back with its IR printer and sold them the TI BA II Plus Professional. Few days later I ordered a 33s on the university webstore where I had bought the IR printer and a couple of weeks ago, I was at the dept store and I found there an HP 40G for such an indecently discounted price that my girlfriend didn't really believe me until she saw the receipt. I also decided straight away to order the DVD set from the museum, of course !

Today I'm a very happy HP user and I am convinced, if it's not an HP, it's a piece of junk !

Edited: 3 Feb 2008, 2:26 p.m.


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