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HP-41 fond memories

Posted by Chris Weaver on 27 June 2000, 7:29 p.m.

The first time I saw the HP-41CV I knew that it was the calculator to have. Unfortunately it was beyond my price range at the time and I had to wait until I had a steady paycheck to afford one, but when I did that calculator was the first major purchase I made. As I ended up taking my math courses at night school the Math Pac chip became an invaluable tool for me. Most of the other students were both amazed and envious of the matrix operations it could perform. Years later, when I was once again a full-time student attending university, my computer science degree changed the day I declared my major and I was now forced to obtain a minor in a lab science. I chose chemistry and that HP-41CV once again proved itself invaluable. During that time one of the measures I had for a device's utility was how many hours of sleep it helped me to obtain, (I usually only managed between two and five a night), and I can definitely credit that calculator with saving me a few extra hours. The unique way the keys felt made entering calculations so much faster and easier that I could almost ten-key the equations I had. Now that I am a working professional I don't have as much use for my old HP-41CV as I used to but I have still hung on to it anyway and wouldn't part with it for anything.


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