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Indestructible 11C

Posted by Maurice Delaney on 12 June 2000, 9:33 a.m.

Using a computer as a calculator has lost what little appeal it ever had - don't send a boy out to do a man's work! - so, 18 years on, I've just bought a new set of SR44's and turned on 'the HP' for the first time in 8-10? years. It was last used in the southern hemisphere.

A small dint still shows over the upper left hand corner of the display. Memories begin to surface ...

In 2nd year Engineering lab, I knocked both my beloved HP-11C and a 10kg weight to the hard floor of the lab. HP hit first (Gallileo anyone?) followed a split-second later by the weight. On top of the HP.

With trembling hands I picked up the weight, no, the calculator, and pressed the ON key. No problems. Then or since.

I didn't pass Engineering but I kept my HP. TO paraphrase Neal Stephenson:

This is my HP

There are many like it

But this one is mine


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